HERB - pompions = pumpkins?

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Wed Apr 29 07:21:32 PDT 1998

This is one of those miserable areas where the 
disciplines don't fit together. Bailey would support
the idea that there were some Old World squash/
pumpkins, but the current botanists specializing
in this genus say no. They had gourds, and whatever
you see pre-1492 that looks like a squash or pumpkin 
was really a gourd. (Or until counterproof shows up.)
This is obviously an on-going battle--they  publish
whole books on it!

Post New World pompions had more pronounced ribs
than our favorite jack-o'lantern varieties today, and
were more squat than round. There are some heritage
varieties--try the smaller French ones--which have
the right look.

I grow the delightful hybrid pattypan squash Sunburst
as a representative of the Great Buckler pompion. It
isn't of course, but it "looks right" shape wise and
is easy to grow. The big plus is that it looks beautiful,
which tempts people to try it, even though they
are not inclined to like squash. ;-)
Alysoun de Ros
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