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On Wed, 2 Dec 1998, Gaylin Walli wrote:
> Ah yes. I can get this from interlibrary loan. Had thought about
> it, but not yet done it. Thanks for this information. I wonder if it's
> still in print. Anyone else have this edition that they purchased
> recently? With a pub date of 94 it shouldn't be too hard to find.

I picked my copy up less than a year ago, so I think it's still available.
I may have gotten it through Small Churl Books.

> Oooh. This ought to be interesting. I know that today we point to
> Banckes or Markham or Gerard and say "look, here are the some of
> the most important works we have as primary sources." But I think
> what I'd like to know is what sources did people of those time
> periods think were important. And the only way I know of to find
> out for sure is to track the copying and rewriting (okay, we'd
> probably call it plagerism today) that went on in period. Which
> works were the ones that people lifted from the most and why? Was
> it because the author was more vocal? Was s/he in favour with the
> church or out of favour? Those kinds of things.

Well, we know that classical sources, such as Dioscorides, were widely
used. Doeden was reassembled into at least 3 or 4 books. However, one
thing to be concerned about is that the amount a book was copied from (say
pirated, that's more accurate) may reflect not it's popularity, but the
unlikelihood of getting hassled for it! Herbals were big business, and
printers got their contents wherever they could-- which often meant
'borrowing' from foreign or little known works... For instance, a vocal
and well known author might be copied from LESS because they would sue,
complain, etc.

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