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Thu Dec 3 22:54:58 PST 1998

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corwynsca at juno.com writes:

 >Good grief?!! Have we alienated people? Please, everyone jump in.
 >Interrupt! Share! The more the merrier! Trust me, the water's
 >quite comfy in this pool.
	No, No, just busy with seasonal frenzy........ I *did* make up a quick batch
of bath salts to add to the presents I'm working on, and liked the ease of it
so well I got several more pounds of sea salt at the health food store today.
Just need to get some more Epsom salts and maybe some baking soda--and find
more jars! :-) I just *thought* I had a bunch saved! Why do they always take
up more space in the cabinet than under the tree? *Grump* 

			Ldy Diana
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