HERB - Re: herbalist V1 #153

Mike and Pat Luco mikel at pdq.net
Fri Dec 4 16:01:03 PST 1998

Here's a message I posted in another list.  Seems that no one there wants to touch it.
Any documented source would be nice.  Also anyone game for this challenge?

>I just received 2 (English translated by Americans) Italian cook books.<
>They wax poetically about the beginnings of Pesto and its many modern forms.<
>They always use the term 'ancient' without giving dates.  They did say that there<
>is a quote from Virgil about a peasant eating focaccia bread smeared with a rue,<
>herb, oil and cheese paste?  Does any scholar of this list have definitive dates on<
>herbed/nut/oil/cheese based sauces?<

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