HERB - St. Johs Wort

Mike and Pat Luco mikel at pdq.net
Sat Dec 5 18:22:30 PST 1998

I've heard that St. Johns wort is called thus because it blooms near the feast of St.
John.  I'm not too good with these celebrations, so just when is the feast of St. John?
I'd like to know when the dern wort will bloom.  It hasn't put on a bloom all year.

PS  I think in my climate the wort is a perennial.  Should I protect it from freezes?
Its grown to a 5' diameter patch and I'd like to see it continue to prosper.

PPS  I can't wait for some cooler weather, it got into the upper 80's today!! and its
December 5th.

Henri and Antea
Kingdom of Ansteorra, Barony Stargate
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