HERB - what shall i ask for from friends travelling

Gaylin Walli gwalli at infoengine.com
Fri Dec 18 05:23:32 PST 1998

Good morning. I posted this earlier today to the cooks list and
I thought that perhaps I should post it to Herbalist as well.

This coming March, friends of mine are travelling to Scotland
via England and they asked if I could join them. Alas, I cannot.
They were kind enough to offer to bring me back anything I
wanted from their travels (with the notable exception of good scotch
because they would be stocking up on that already and unable
to exceed the limit on alcohol purchases).

It occured to me that there might be some books that would be of
use to the SCAdian researcher that might only be obtainable in the
UK that could easily slide into a suitcase. Perhaps a book on
archaeological digs where cooking equipment or tools for the
household were found. Or perhpas a cookbook translation or household
preparedness volume ala Markham that cannot be purchased in the US.

I can ask for anything I want and they'll get it for me if I
send money with them. I've been lucky enough to have a curious
and enthusiastic interlibrary loan librarian who indulges me
and thus I've been able to obtain everything I've ever asked
for from my public library. Therefore, I'm somewhat at a loss
as to what I could ask for.

So, I put this question to you learned Gentles:

"Good grief, what do I ask them for?"

Any suggestions would be appreciated. All topics are welcome,
not just strictly cooking. And not just strictly books.

Jasmine de Cordoba, Midrealm, gwalli at infoengine.com
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