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Mike C. Baker kihe at ticnet.com
Tue Dec 29 20:11:03 PST 1998

>Ah yes. I hear that same cry every day from my very own lips. I've
>decided that to support my SCA research habit I need to buy a house
>with at least three floors, one floor dedicated solely to projects and
>papers I work on for the SCA. And that's just for my stuff. My SO gets
>his own house right next door. :)

No, no, no. That doesn't work at all.

Half the fun can be from the synergies created by COMBINING
two (or more) personal libraries.

I may not have gotten my own copy for Christmas, but was 
privileged to inspect my (otherwise *very* mundane) mother's 
copy of _Green Pharmacy_ (Rodale Press, James Duke Phd)
Highly recommended as an approachable and immediately 
useful single volume modern resource.  (The biographical notes 
in the last portion are quite interesting, and go a long way 
toward filling in the lucious details of the anecdotal references 
given in the prior topical references.)

Appropriate happy thoughts for whatever midwinter festivals 
you and yours may celebrate!

Mike C. Baker
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