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Gaylin Walli gwalli at infoengine.com
Wed Dec 30 07:41:31 PST 1998

Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra wrote:

>No, no, no. That doesn't work at all.
>Half the fun can be from the synergies created by COMBINING
>two (or more) personal libraries.

So what you're saying is that his brand new copy of Vegetius
can also be *our* copy? :)

BTW, "Vegetius: Epitome of Military Science" by N. P. Milner
(translator; Liverpool Univ Pr; ISBN: 085323910X; Dec 96) is the book.
It's an annotated translation of the only text on war to survive
from the late Roman era. The reason I mention it here is that
there's at least a small bit on the health and nutritional care
for soldiers in it, which may be of interest to the herbalist.
Admittedly I only read enough during the elevator ride from the
mailboxes to the office, but it seemed interesting enough that
some of you might want to know about it.

>I may not have gotten my own copy for Christmas, but was
>privileged to inspect my (otherwise *very* mundane) mother's
>copy of _Green Pharmacy_ (Rodale Press, James Duke Phd)
>Highly recommended

Oh, I'm so glad you mentioned this. I've been meaning to ask if
anyone had read and possibly liked this book. I've been thinking
about getting it, but I find that I'm more and more picky
about the herb books I get. There are only so many times you can
read the same information over and over. Most herb books have
a pitifully small about of historical information and do little
more than describe a plant. I think the thing that really bugs
me is that so many of them are the same. I've started looking for
the books that stand out in some way, either because they detail
more current research on the plants or because they have better
(footnoted or referenced) historical information.

Is Duke's book organized by plant or condition? Some books are
starting to organize the information in them based on what
people have wrong with them rather than a simple encyclopedic
reference of plants (which everone does and few do well).

>Appropriate happy thoughts for whatever midwinter festivals
>you and yours may celebrate!

And to you, kind sir!

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