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Gaylin Walli gwalli at infoengine.com
Thu Dec 31 07:22:30 PST 1998

Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra asked:

>may I inquire as to how much money my very own copy might
>blow next month's book budget out of the water?

Absolutely. From Amazon.com, I ordered a copy several weeks
ago (Oct 22 to be exact). The order shipped on the 22nd of
December and cost me $28.95. Shipping was only 95 cents
because the book was ordered with another and the two did
not come together as planned. It is a very small book, perhaps
a teeny bit larger than a basic, non-historical romance novel.
The information, what I've read so far that is, is quite
interesting. No original text is given in this copy (to
my dismay) but my research indicates that Milner, the
translator, is respected in his field.

>From BarnesAndNoble.com, the price is cheaper (apparently it
went on sale since I ordered) at $17.95 plus shipping and
handling, but the shipping time is still 3-5 weeks because
it is listed as a special order item.

I did not check on the price in a "brick-and-mortar" store,
only online stores.

>There is little to no "field identification" provided [in Duke's
"Green Pharmacy"].

Ah, good. I have plenty of books that attempt good filed
identification, none of them succeed particularly well, but
most ar adequate. I agree with your presumption that the users
would probably obtain the ingredients at local health food or
mail order stores (living in an apartment, that's where I
would go to obtain the ingredients).

Thanks gain for the information,

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