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N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Jan 5 10:08:32 PST 1999

 Here's the info from the article.

April 1997, Issue 164. Medical Electronic Produsts.
This is a house journal of a company called  Measurements & Data Corp.
2994 W. Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15216.
It was a small article explaining their cover for that issue... which was
an illustration from the MS Sloane copyright 1975, fol. 93, British Museum,
London.  the basis of the info was taken from Medicine: An Illustrated
History, Harry N. Abrams Publishers, copyright 1987, New York.  (No other
info listed in article)

If anyone wants a copy, please send me private e-mail and I will send it to
you.  It's is about one and one half pages in length.


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