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At 04:04 PM 12/29/98 -0500, Jasmine wrote:

>I think that if anyone brags about books received this holiday season,
>they should at least post the publishing info and ISBN or LCN number.
>That way we can all be really really jealous and point our significant
>others in the direction of the *next* presents they'll be getting us. :)
>So, Francesca, which soap book did you get? Anything with good
>historical information for us SCA research nuts? Congrats!

Sorry about the delay in responding!  Yours truly fell the day before New
Year's eve while shoveling snow off the back stairs and broke a rib.  I've
been home and unable to access my work account.  Anyone have any suggestions
for healing broken bones quickly?  Or for pain management without drugs
since I seem to have reactions to most of the standard ones???

Anyhow, my new soap book is called _The Complete Soapmaker_ by Norma Coney,
and it came as a book and a kit.  The publisher's info on the book is
Sterling Publishers, c1996, ISBN: 0-8069-4869-8, and the list price is
$14.95.  For a beginner it seems to be really good and explains in detail
with wonderful pictures and drawings.  I don't think that it would be of
much value other than as a basic beginning book, and I believe it's intended
audience is that of a precoscious (SP?) child or young adult.

dThe other two books, just in case anyone is interested, are:

_Food an authoritative and visual history and dictionary of the foods of the
world_ by Waverley Root, Smithmark Publishers, c1980, ISBN: 07651-9791-X.

_Italian painting_ by Keith Christiansen, Hugh Lauter Levin Associates
Inc./Beaux Arts Editions, c1992, ISBN: 0-88363-971-8.

Sorry I don't have prices for those, but they were gifts and the prices were

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