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JULIE CARMEN tea13 at bouldernews.infi.net
Fri Jan 8 18:19:26 PST 1999

Sheron Buchele/Curtis Rowland wrote:
> Greetings to the Herb Monkeys of this Fine List!
> I just wanted to share a neat thing that happened to me last weekend with
> herb people.
> Their Majesties Outlands appointed me "Master Healer to the Crown of the
> Outlands."
> I was called into Court and granted the title for the duration of Their
> reign.  I gave them a cool basket twined with herbs snipped from my long
> suffering potted herbs (lemon scented geranium around the edge and rosemary
> twined through the handle - made it really fragrant to hold!).  I put in
> jars of various healing salves and lip balm, some herb tea, and some goat's
> milk soap.  I was personally very honored and thrilled for the recognition
> of things herbal by the Crown.
> I will be trying to do some fun things at Estrella War to try to live up to
> this.  Any sugestions?
> Baroness Leonora
> Master Healer to the Crown of the Outlands
> Congratulations!  I missed it as I was in the kitchen.  What an honor and you have worked very hard in this area!  HahZah!

Lady Tea

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