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Jenne Heise jenne at tulgey.browser.net
Sat Jan 9 22:38:12 PST 1999

A friend of mine got a jasmine plant for christmas (I admit it was my
suggestion!) After a week, it's got lots of flowers opening, but leaves
are beginning to fall off whenever the plant is moved, etc. He has it in
the sunniest window in the house, but it was cold when I looked at it.
The plant came from Longwood Garden's greenhouse (BTW, if you get out
East near Delaware, check out Longwood Gardens-- it's one of the most
outstanding formal gardens open to the public in the country).

Is this leaf shedding normal? Should he get a growlight for the plant, or
move it, or both? As you may know, it's been really cold here in
mid-Atlantic East since Solstice, so that might be a factor.

Any help or suggestions gratefully accepted-- my friend is really in love
with this plant and afraid of losing it.

Jadwiga Zajaczkowa (Shire of Eisental; HERMS Cyclonus), mka Jennifer Heise	
jenne at tulgey.browser.net

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