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I don't know if anyone has posted these cites before, but I picked them up
today at the Met (no, I haven't managed to see the Cloisters gardens yet--
it's amazing how hard it is to make the two-hour trip to NY).

_Sweet Herbs and Sundry Flowers: Medieval Gardens and the Gardens of the
Cloisters_, by Tania Bayard (NY: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1985)
ISBN: 0-87099-775-0
This discusses medieval gardens in general, then focuses on the Cloister's
efforts to create gardens based on the art works in their medieval
collections. The most useful part is the list of plants known in the
Middle Ages and now grown in the Cloister gardens.

_Herbs for the Medieval Household: For Cooking, Healing and Divers uses_
Margaret B. Freeman. (NY: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1943) ISBN:
This book has a short introduction on various herbs, then herbal listings
for herbs for cooking, healing, killing pests, and sweet smelling herbs;
the entries appear to be compiled from various period sources.

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