HERB - coconut fat

sunshinegirl sunshinegirl at steward-net.com
Sat Jan 16 19:22:08 PST 1999

I discovered, quite by accident, that if you let a coconut sit for months
and months, and then open it, the coconut flesh will have disolved away,
leaving an oily liquid.  After warming this oily liquid with some extra
water, and then cooling it, I have come up with a creamy substance which is
solid at room temperature, but quickly liquifies when rubbed into the skin.
Now, any suggestions on what I can do with it?  Would it make a good hand
cream?  Will it rot if I don't keep it refridgerated?  Does anyone else
have any experience with this type of oil?

This is the first time that a coconut did this for me.  In the past, they
just dried up instead of liquifying.  Does anyone have any idea why this
one liquified instead of drying up?  I'd like to duplicate it, if I can.

Melandra of the Woods, who loves serendipity... 

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