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Ok, here's a question for the Herb List, anyone heard of "Tussilinge"?
The whole message is below.  
	Mistress Christianna

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Mordonna asked:
> And how long has tobacco been in common use????
> Mordonna (Don't stone me, I'm a smoker.)

I don't have any info on tobacco, but the following message is 
from the smoking-msg file in the PERSONAL CARE section of my Florilegium.


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> Subject: Re: smoking in period, was hemp
> Dick Eney wrote:
> I once got to smoke a herb called "Tussilinge" the person who let me
> smoke it says the Romans smoke it. and this person has done a >master's
thesis in history about herbal uses in the Antiquity.
> Personnally I found it pleasant to smoke, not irritating to the lungs.
> 've got to say  I can't stand the smell of tobacco the worse being "so
> called" Light cigarettes,, I'd rather have pure Pot which I find
> pleasant and rather harmless if used only on occasions, than tobacco
> which I can't even swallow : it hurts my throat and brings me tears, 
> (unless it's real nice havana which just gets me HIGH). 
> If romans smoke Tussilinge, then maybe some people in medieval >times
may smoke it, but not in public since we don't see it in period
> Jran-Baptiste de Foix
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