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Thu Jan 21 09:22:52 PST 1999


>And so the herbal housewarming will be....when? :)

When can you make it down from Roaring Wastes?  It's only a 23 hour drive <G>.

Or should that be a virtual herbal housewarming?  I'll supply the hot
peppermint tea, cold mint tea, a platter of dried fruits and nuts and the
view.  Right now, a flock of robins is contending with a flock of what may be
crows for possession of the nearest pasture and a jackrabbit is cautiously
creeping out of the woods by the far pasture.  I've never seen robins in
flocks before, but 30 or 40 at a time show up here.  There are a pair of
beautiful live oaks to the right and left of the front door, plus several
other trees that we can't ID until spring.  The weather is perfect for an
outdoor party, mid-70s, light breeze from the south, cloudy.  Across the
pastures, there's about an acre of woods for the wild gatherers, and don't
forget the oakgrove in back of the house.  We're on a bit of a ridge (for east
Texas), you can see for several miles.  If you're very lucky, at dusk you
might see one of the barn owls coming out of the barn to hunt, or a deer
creeping up to the water tank for a drink.  After dark, if it's a new moon,
you'll be amazed at just how many stars are in the sky.

How's that?

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