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Ted Kubricht tok at flash.net
Thu Jan 21 12:26:20 PST 1999

>I will be teaching a class on Herbal Cold & Flu Care this weekend at
>the Unser Hafen Arts & Sciences Event.
>What herbal preparation do you take when you feel something coming on?
>What is your favorite herbal symptom relief?

My favorite, although a new world herb, is Boneset tea made as an infusion.
It has been particularly effective for me, seeming to greatly reduce both
the length and severity of the colds I have always been prone to get.   I
have tried the extract available at health food stores but it doesn't seem
to be nearly as effective as the dried herb.   I collect the fresh herb from
the wild when traveling north in the late summer.   Horehound tea, as a
decoction simmered for at least 10 minutes, is a very effective cough
suppressant, useful when a bad cough keeps me awake at night.    My favorite
old wives tale remedy is honey and lemon juice.

Vaclav Namatko
tedk at uh.edu

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