HERB - Re: Barn Owls

RAISYA@aol.com RAISYA at aol.com
Fri Jan 22 06:51:17 PST 1999


Wow!  I didn't realize that barn owls were such a mystery.  I'm pretty sure my
husband saw them still here as late as December, but I'll have to ask him.

I've heard of the owl pellet dissections before, I'd been thinking I might try
it with the girls.  I can mention it to the minister of children, but I
suspect that's a more complex project than they'd want to tackle.

Yes, we're in Texas, between Houston and Bryan/College Station.  We'll have to
keep a closer eye out for the owls, and let you know.  I believe that some
birds stay here year round that are migratory further north.  Thanks for the
info, and we'll keep you posted!


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