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Sun Jan 24 00:39:27 PST 1999

I know your class is over, but I enjoyed the responses and would love to
see more of them.  Here are some of mine.

> What herbal preparation do you take when you feel something coming on?
Sambucal, which is elderberry extract.  I have purchased some, and made
some of my own.  I haven't yet decided which one is the most effective.  I
also take lots extra vitamin C, either in tablets or by eating oranges and
drinking juice.  Some times I will crave oranges, and if I ignore it, I am
always much sicker than if I eat them.

> What is your favorite herbal symptom relief?
I have used a tea made of peppermint and fennel seed for nausea.
I also make a cranberry liquor, spiced with clove and cinnamin.  About 3
tablespoons is wonder for indigestion or nausea.
> What is your most effective "Old Wives Tale" cure?

Eating whole Psylium seed to help control blood sugar problems.  An insulin
dependant diabetic was the one who told me about it.  His amount of
medication depended on his blood sugar reading, and when he took whole
psylium seed, he did not need as much medication.  When I don't watch my
diet, I have some hypoglycemic problems, but taking psylium seed has seemed
to help that as well.  I'm not sure why it works, but I've been told that
there is some diabetic research being done on psylium seed.

Melandra of the Woods

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