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Christine A Seelye-King mermayde at juno.com
Sun Jan 24 14:27:43 PST 1999

>As an interesting side note:  I was told that the Indians of southern
>California (and maybe others, for all I know)  consider having owl 
>feathers to be very good medicine, but to actually see one is a warning
that something in your life is wrong and must be changed.
>Melandra of the Woods

"In Ancient Times, the Owl was the Symbol of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom
and the Arts, and so represents the ideals of artistic acheivments..."
	text from the scroll for Merides' Order of the Velvet Owl,
Kingdom Level award for A&S.  

	The owl was also Athena's messenger of Death, bringing the news
of imminent death.  If an owl was seen in the house, someone there would
soon die.  
	We had an owlet come into the basement of my house and take up a
brief residence in the basement room where a friend of ours was living. 
She called me on the intercom and said "there is an owl in my room" and I
went down to see it.  It was cute, we named him "Otis" (after the genus
name) and it left in a day or two.  Weird, we thought.  My husband died
later that week.  Some months later another friend reminded me of the Owl
sighting 'omen', I guess it really made me a believer.  
	Mistress Christianna MacGrain, 
	Companion of the Order of the Velvet Owl, 
	widow of Master Knikolos Major of Salem-by-the-Sea, OP.  

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