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sunshinegirl sunshinegirl at steward-net.com
Sun Jan 24 00:45:09 PST 1999

I haven't done it myself, but I've been told that you can bake the owl
pellets to sterilize them.  They are quite interesting.
I do know that some owls are protected.  It is, for example, illeagal to
have a feather from a great horned owl, unless you are American Indian or
have the proper legal authority (which I've been told is hard to get)
As an interesting side note:  I was told that the Indians of southern
California (and maybe others, for all I know)  consider having owl feathers
to be very good medicine, but to actually see one is a warning that
something in your life is wrong and must be changed.
Melandra of the Woods

> From: Warren & Meredith Harmon <corwynsca at juno.com>
> Neat!  If you want a fun, but messy, children's project for your shire,
> collect the owl balls.  Have your Chancellor Minor-type person dissect
> the owl balls with the kids.  My mom does this with the fourth-grade
> class she teaches (with plenty of antibacterial soap on hand, of course -
> the non-water stuff is so handy!), and the kids love it!  When they start
> piecing the skeletons together, Mom has a hard time keeping the
> excitement under control!!!  Tweezers, black construction paper, gloves,
> and tape complete the project materials.

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