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Sun Jan 24 19:30:26 PST 1999

And for all you working moms out there with young children...
I teach preschool.  When I taught in Caid, about three years ago, I was
handed an article on children's illnesses that said something to the effect
that children in daycare were sick 50 to 70 percent more frequently than
children who were not in daycare.  In addition, adults in the teaching
profession are sick about 30 percent more frequently than adults in other
professions.  I enjoy teaching my preschoolers, but the longer I teach, the
more convinced I am that young children should be at home with a parent. 
No young child should have to be in day care from before 8:00 in the
morning to after 5 at night.  And, no matter how good a teacher I may be, I
cannot give quality care to six infants at one time - and that is the ratio
in the state that I am in :  adult to children   infants 1 to 6,  toddlers 
1 to 9,  3 & 4 year olds, 1 to 12.  Scary thought...

Melandra of the Woods

> From: Carl/Anne Adamczyk <ladygrania at juno.com>
> and I theorize that most of these illnesses start with one snotty kid at
> a holiday party.  The family members who don't get sick are those who
> take the time to wash hands and keep those same hands away from their
> face.  All others get infected full blown and take the bugs to
> work/school or where ever further spreading the infection.  
> Grania 

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