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Mon Jan 25 18:37:38 PST 1999

> From: RAISYA at aol.com
> Melandra,
> My children, who've never been in daycare or in a classroom, have rarely
> been sick with anything. 

One of my points.

But it's a safe bet that hygiene's going to be marginal
> when one person's watching 9 toddlers, it just isn't humanly possible to
> that many directions at once. 

We are required by law to wash/sanitize our hands and changing area after
every diaper change.  I also started using one of those waterless
sanitizers everytime I wiped a snotty nose.  I have noticed a difference in
how often I start to feel bad since doing that.  I seem to come down with
things less often, which is good.  

> Unfortunately, I know many people who have no choice about childcare, and
> only thing I know to do is encourage them the best I can.

Since I've been doing the single mom bit for years, I know whereof you
speak.  Fortunately, I was able to be home with my children for their
earliest years.

Now, to bring this a little closer to our list, does anyone have recipies
for good tonics that can be taken on a regular basis to help the immune
system or to help keep from getting sick when ever I start feeling "run
I know that when I get certain feelings, if I eat lots of oranges I won't
get as sick as when I don't.  But I am interested in some good tonic

Melandra of the Woods

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