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Christine A Seelye-King mermayde at juno.com
Thu Jan 28 13:33:40 PST 1999

>It does feel good, but it's rather scary in a way. You take on a great
>responsibility when you start something like this. It sort of opens
>up a whole series of ethics that I think not enough people consider
>when making up their "potions and nostrums." And it makes you
>realize even more when you research some of the medical botany and
>medical history of our time periods why so many writers complained
>about quacks and fruitcakes even in the Middle Ages.
	Hoo, boy, this just up and bit me not too long ago.  Not in a
legal way (although I am VERY aware of how thin a line I tread working in
an herb department of a major natural foods store), but in a very
emotional way.  I learned something in a class that would have helped
someone who has passed away, and I was very anguished that I might have
been able to help if I had only known (I know, I know, therein lies
madness).  It really opened up the whole nature of being a care-giver,
healer, keeper-of-lore, pharmacist, yenta, wise-woman, witch, etc., to
me, in a different and deeper way than before.  It is enough to scare the
hell out of you.  I'm much better now, and I know that logically you
can't help everybody.  Defining what I am here to learn and do and what
good I can do is my quest.  

>On a related note, is there an InterKingdom Apothecaries or Herbalists
>Guild? (I know there's an InterKingdom Brewers Guild and I was 
>wondering if there was an herbal-ish equivalent)
>Jasmine, jasmine at infoengine.com

Don't know, but that's one I might just join. 

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