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Carl/Anne Adamczyk ladygrania at juno.com
Thu Jan 28 16:54:12 PST 1999

 >>     Hi,   This I my first contact with the  Herbalist. I would like 
>>know if it is possible to grow the true saffron  crocus in the 
>>Pennsylvania area and if you can would any know were I  could 
>purchase the
>>Anna OfderTurm
Saffron crocus are a fall blooming bulb.  One of the bulb suppliers (like
Brecks) offered it a few years back but I haven't seen it offered since. 

How well it will do in western PA depends on how bad a winter you are
having on that side of the mountains.  We can grow a lot of warmer
weather type plants here in Philly.  It is often a gamble what the
weather will be like but we have grown cotton by putting it in the
hottest corner of our yard which is up against a white wall (reflects
heat really well).  I'm sure you could get the growing stats from the
bulb supplier.

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