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M&L Romanowski leanner at mich.com
Fri Jan 29 10:42:19 PST 1999

Carl/Anne Adamczyk wrote:

>  >>     Hi,   This I my first contact with the  Herbalist. I would like
> >to
> >>know if it is possible to grow the true saffron  crocus in the
> >western
> >>Pennsylvania area and if you can would any know were I  could
> >purchase the
> >>bulbs.
> >
> >>Anna OfderTurm
> >>
> Greetings and welcome!  Shepherd's Garden Seeds carries saffron crocus corms.
> The information in their catalogue states that the corms are hardy to Zone 6,
> -10 F.  They also say that they only ship them in the fall.  They have a web
> site at www.sherpherdseeds.com.  Their phone number is (860) 482-3638.  Good
> luck!

Lady Alana of Loch Mor
Leanne Romanowski

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