HERB - SC: OOP & OT - Robins' home and essential oil

Mike and Pat Luco mikel at pdq.net
Thu Jan 28 14:37:34 PST 1999

I have a non-herbal question:

I was wondering who on this list has robins during the summer?  They are all
over the place here turning over leaves looking for bugs and such.  I enjoy our
winter friends and was just wondering who keeps them in the summer?

Another question, this time herbal:

In my chemistry class today I cut several handfuls of rosemary, and the kids and
I hydro-distilled its essential oil.  They thought it was cool, and I enjoyed
the wonder they exhibited.  I didn't get much oil, just a light sheen on top of
the water in their flasks.  I think they got the point though.  The room smelled
wonderful.  Does anyone know the % by weight of essential oils in some other
plants?  My mint is just beginning to poke its head out and I would like to try
this later when I can get a good handful.

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