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Fri Jan 29 19:07:47 PST 1999

At 08:43 PM 1/29/99 EST, you wrote:
>I'm just extrapolating here but rue may be helpful.  Rue is an
>anti-spasmodic and when taken internally is used for menstrual cramps and
>GI spasms.  Externally, as in bath water, rue may have similar effect via
>transdermal action.  

I wouldn't.  Rue is one of those things that you can become violently
allergic to.  It is known for causing terrible blisters on sensitive
individuals.   Not to be a spoiler, but it is one of the final clues as to
the killer in Susan Wittig Alberts book "A Rueful Death."

I don't speak from experience because taking the warnings I have read to
heart, I have never touched rue. 

For sore muscles I would infuse arnica, thyme, rosemary in olive oil.  I
would then rub this in my muscles and pour some of the oil in a hot bath
and have a delicious soak.

I think the point of comfrey contact is to keep it external and to not over
do it.  As many things in life, moderation is indicated.  It is a wonderful
plant with many healing properties.  I for one will not banish it from my
herb cabinet!  

Have these studies of comfey toxicity mentioned whether it was the leaf or
the root which was being studied?  Or did I miss that in a soap-making
induced semi-coma :-)

Baroness Leonora
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