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At 03:57 PM 3/11/99 -0600, you wrote:
>>Does a feast for 70 count? :)
>  This weekend: bread. I plan to freeze it and thaw before the feast or I
>won't have time to make everything.   **** I sometimes take it out before
>it gets brown and then freeze it.  tat way when I defrost it I stick it
>back in and get it brown.  How come you're doing it early?  Don't you need
>to wait to the last minute? (grin)

The other thing you could do if you have the time the day of, and the oven
space, is to make the bread through the first rising, freeze it, take it out
the night before the event, spray it with oil (olive/vegetable) while it's
still frozen, (I have a pump sprayer that works really well for that sort of
thing), let it thaw overnight in the fridge, raise in the morning and bake
it around noon.  The smell will make people salivate and should sell out
your feast! <grin>

If the day your making the bread is a cold one and you have a protected
place you can put the bread outside and freeze it that way.  Wrap and put in
the freezer until needed.  Kinda like buying the frozen bread dough.

Hope this helps!

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