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Ree Moorhead Pruehs rpruehs at ismi.net
Fri Mar 12 08:14:54 PST 1999

>I'm cooking the Procrastinator's Ball and Brawl feast at the end of this
>month in
>the metro-Detroit area. Just finalized confirmation on my meat purchase (and
>a backup in case of inclement weather). This weekend: bread. I plan to freeze
>it and thaw before the feast or I won't have time to make everything. The one
>thing I wish I had was fresh herbs for some of the dishes. I have TONS of
>on my own and that may have to do because the fresh in the stores is
>I'm a little nervous about the feast. This is really the first one I've
>done while not
>at University. 30 hungry college students paying $3 per doesn' t seem
quite the
>same to me as 70 picky eaters with better places to be for $6 per. I've this
>incredible fear the wrong herb will go in the wrong dish and everything
will be
>cold. Crazy, isn't it? :)
>Two courses with dessert, all from Le Menagier. I can confidently say I am
>translating French again unless forced. *chuckle*

Jasmine, dear one, never speak like that on an open list where you =know=
the lady of your household lurks. Though I am not myself a chef (and
certainly not of your talents) by nature, still this humble apprentice
=does= descend from the Laurel lineage of the immortal Duchess Caellyn
y'vearn Fitzhugh.  I believe it is her voice advising you here.

The above picky-eating clods who don't appreciate your doubtless exquisite
feast, particularly at =that= price,  would be better advised saving their
money and going to a place where they will truly obtain the value and
cuisine they deserve ... Laird McDonald's of the Golden Arches comes to mind.


Rhiannon Ottersdale

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