HERB - Re: herbalist V1 #214

Chris Mayer csminter at hickory.net
Fri Mar 12 09:13:32 PST 1999

Ree Moorhead Pruehs wrote:

> >I'm cooking the Procrastinator's Ball and Brawl feast at the end of this
> >month in
> >the metro-Detroit area.

        What!!!  And you've started already?!!! What kind of Procrastinator are
you? ;-)

> Jasmine, dear one, never speak like that on an open list where you =know=
> the lady of your household lurks. Though I am not myself a chef (and
> certainly not of your talents) by nature, still this humble apprentice
> =does= descend from the Laurel lineage of the immortal Duchess Caellyn
> y'vearn Fitzhugh.

    I too, learned to cook under the Iron Hand, er ah, gentle instruction of
Duchess Caellyn.  As I recall, it was "get it right & quickly, or get run over".

    How is the dear Duchess?  Have not spoken with her, in too many years.....



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