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Gaylin Walli gwalli at infoengine.com
Fri Mar 12 09:29:23 PST 1999

Rhi wrote:
>Jasmine, dear one, never speak like that on an open list where you
>=know= the lady of your household lurks.

Oops. *blush*

Well, for all of you who've sent well wishes privately and publicly,
I must extend my sincere thanks.

Claire asked:

>How come you're doing it early?  Don't you need
>to wait to the last minute? (grin)

It does seem rather not keeping with the theme of procrastination,

I guess the main part of the problem is the time I can first get in the
kitchen. It's not all that early, maybe 10:00 am. So I want to be
sure I can everything done in time. Bread now is one less thing to
worry about. And I'd like to test out some bread recipes this
weekend for my own edification, which luckily coincides with my
need for bread. Killing 2 birds was really my goal here. *grin*

>What did you decide on serving?   What herbs are you using?

Hedgehogs (beef&lamb), chicken with rosewater & citrus, tallies,
mushroom tarts, peas (preferably spring), another green veggie of
some sort, custard tarts, candied citrus and herb spiced nuts, bread....
I think that's everything. The herbs are sort of up in the air. I've
got to sit down and read my notes on what worked best in the test

Someone told me recently that they've seen this menu before someplace.
I've not been able to find it, though. I sort of blindly chose some stuff
that didn't offend my sensibilities of what was served cheaply. For $6,
I don't think the attendees can go wrong, personally. And my break-even
will be low enough that I may be able to splurg on some of those fresh
herbs after all. I just got price confirmation on my chicken order and it's
$1/lb less than my budget. The ground meat is $2/lb less than my budget.
The citrus turned out to be free. Soooooo, things are looking good.

Thanks for the idea about garnishing with sprouts of herbs. That's an
excellent thing I hadn't thought of. A local food co-op sometimes sells
these in their store for a reasonable price too. Maybe I can get some

Drinks....*gah* I just remembered that. Does anyone have an idea on
some herb-based drinks? Somewhere I've got a recipe for a cold herb
tea that's not too offensive that some people might like. I hate the idea
of serving Tang or powdered whatever. I seem to remember a ginger
water of sorts....I should look in the Floreligium archives...

>when is the feast by the way?

Sat, March 27th, this month.

Oh, my. Look at the length of this. Sorry to rattle on so, folks.
I'm nervous and I have 2 major documentation projects to
finish at work before this whole feast thing happens too.

Jasmine, jasmine at infoengine.com
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