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Roberta R Comstock froggestow at juno.com
Fri Mar 12 10:34:18 PST 1999

Can't remember which late (or immediately post-period) book had the
recipe for cowcomer hedgehogs.  Essentially, you take small cucumbers (or
halves of medium ones, and add whole cloves for eyes plus twigs or match
sticks for legs.  Then poke little holes all over the top and sides and
insert grains of wheat.  After several days of sitting on a plate in a
sunny location the grain will sprout into 'spines'.   For very young
children, you could pierce the holes in advance.  Older children can poke
their own  holes with sharpened skewers, ice picks, or even sharp pencil
points.  You could probably substitute any of several small kinds of
seeds.   Sort of a period version of a chia pet.


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