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I have also heard that painting the outside of clay pots will help decrease drying 
out, although I have not tried it myself.  Anyone know if this really works?

Yvette Royd
Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra

> If you prefer the look of clay pots - you can line them with plastic wrap
> and fill them with potting soil.  Take a pencil and punch a single hole in
> the bottom of the plastic wrap so the pot can drain.  I have some tiny
> little square pots that I paid waaay too much for that killed every plant I
> put in them from terminal 
> dry-i-tude-inosity.  Now that I have lined them, they work just fine.  Now
> plants regularly out grow them!
> I prefer the plastic pots for my green buddies that go outside in the
> summer.  I generally group them by watering habits in  plastic flats
> without drain holes.  Then rather than water them one by one, I just put
> water into the flat.  
> Just make sure to drain them if you live a place where water *actually*
> comes from the sky.  
> We here in Colorado have heard of such a thing.  
> We believe that you think that it is so.  
> We just have never seen it.
>  ;-)
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