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Tue Mar 16 12:49:52 PST 1999

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999 18:50:55 -0600 "sunshinegirl"
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>I read that Queen Elizabeth ate a conserve of lavendar flowers almost
>everyday.  Every since, I've wondered what that would taste like.  
>anyone have a recipie?  Could dried flowers be used, or should they 
>Melandra of the Woods

One of my favorite herbal drinks is lavender, infused in hot water and
sweetened.   For feasts, I do it in large quantities, thin with cold
water and serve over ice (the ice being one of the modern amenities to
which I am addicted).   The flavor is wonderful!  (And indescribable - it
tastes like lavender.)   Mistress Gwynneth Espicier also makes an
excellent herbal syrup in which she combines lavender with rosemary.   

For a thickened conserve, you would probably need to include apple juice
or some other pectin source.  Pears might be nice - their delicate flavor
would not overwhelm the lavender. 


ps - off on a tangent - I don't think I mentioned earlier that I have had
nice results adding an infusion of sage and a little honey to apple
cider.  Sage flavored applesauce is wonderful with pork dishes.  (I
concocted this recipe based on balancing the traits of the ingredients as
described in Tacuinum Sanitatis (The Medieval Health Handbook).

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