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Sorry this is slow, I'm just now starting to pull myself together from war.

Don't forget that clay pots allow air to penetrate to the roots better than
plastic.  Painting or lining clay pots may eliminate this.  I've found,
generally, that plants in clay pots do better here than those in plastic.  But
"here" is SE Texas with high temps and humidity.  A lot of people favor bottom
watering in areas with high humidty to prevent disease.  Clay pots may also be
preferrable if you plan to take a plant to an event, they generally look

I've found that the pot in the pan works particularly well for small pots,
either clay or plastic, which can dry out in hours.  It's also incredibly
useful when you're going to be gone for a few days or if you're absent minded
about watering.

Austin's enough different that recommending plants is hard.  But plants that
may do well in pots here include rosemary, sweet bay, sage, chives, catnip,
feverfew, cucumber, some roses, water cress (kept in a pan of water), lettuce,
rocket, parsley, mints, house leek, pinks, sweet williams, and bachelor's
buttons.  Some of these are cool weather plants in the south; generally, if an
annual is frost hardy, they're better grown from late September to early May

Hope this helps some, and don't hesitate to yell for help!
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