HERB - Dear Raisya and other Ansteorrans

Mike and Pat Luco mikel at pdq.net
Wed Mar 17 07:15:40 PST 1999

Dear Raisya:

Living in the State of Texas have you had success with lavender?  Every year we pick
out a few good specimens from the herb shop, plant them in partial shade, and water
when they get dry.  They seem to do well until around August, when the temps get near
100 and the rains cease.  We live in Houston so our weather is wetter, about as hot
and definitely more humid.  In the summer its not unusual to have dual 90's (95+ °F,
and 90% humidity), this usually spells doom for most European herbs.  For instance
Pennyroyal is a winter annual (like pansies), dying off in the heat of  summer.  On
the positive side we have a bay laurel bush, and rosemary borders that stay all year.

> Hope this helps some, and don't hesitate to yell for help!
> Raisya

Henri and Antea
Kingdom of Ansteorra, Barony Stargate
Purveyors of fine herbs and spices

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