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Norma Storms stormsno at oplin.lib.oh.us
Tue Mar 23 07:27:02 PST 1999

Greetings to the list!  

It's been relatively quiet at work, so I thought I'd share some URL's with
you. I've been working on a list for my patrons, and this is what I've come
up with. If anyone has any other sources that they particularly like would
you please send them to me?  OR if you've had any trouble with these sites
would you let me know?  Thanks in advance.

Yours In service,
Francesca de Onorati

The Herb Research Foundation (www.herbs.org) a comprehensive site for herb
information, featuring the latest science, political, business and
international news from the world of herbs.

American Botanical Garden (www.herbalgram.org) book reviews, bookstore on
site, publisher of HerbalGram a quarterly herb journal coproduced with Herb
Research Foundation.

Herbal Hall (www.herb.com/herbal.com) site contains lists of schools,
herbalists, online herbal information.  Features Michael Moore's
Herbal-Medical Dictionary, reached directly at www.crl.com/~robbee/dict.html

Health World (www.healthworld.com) part of an ambitious health internet site
with a wide range of information, including some links to herb information

Michael Moore's HomePage (www.rt66.com/hrbmoore/HOMEPAGE/HomePage.html)
featuring an excellant collection of medicinal plant images, site is managed
by the Director of the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine.

Algy's Home Page-Medicinal (www.algy.com/herb)  very comprehensive
collection of herb information.

American Herbalists Guild (www.healthy.com/herbalists)  the official website
of the Guild, which represents traditional herbalists in the US.

Henriette's Herbal Homepage (sunsite.unc.edu/herbmed)  this site is from the
webmaster of the sunsite herbal collection at the U. of North Carolina.
Includes a very rich collection of links to other sites.

Phytonet (www.exeter/ac.uk.phytonet)  the home of the European Scientific
Cooperative On Phytomedicine (ESCOP) provides a form (in 5 languages) for
reporting adverse reactions to herbal products.

Phytopharmacognosy (www.mdx.ac.uk/www/pharm) professional herb information
including the mailing list by the same name, which carries on a rather
overwhelming discussion of various botanical topics.

HerbNet Information Center (www.herbnet.com)  the home page of the Herb
Growing and Marketing Network.  A bit slow to load but a nice looking site.

USDA: Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases (www.ars-grin.gov/~ngrslb)
this site contains Dr. James Duke's searchable databases.  You can search by
plant, chemical, activity or ethnobotany.

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