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<< I'm worrying
 about nothing, right? >>

    I don't think the ankle problem or lack of a handout should be a basis 
for people to be rude or inappropriate in a RUM class.  In fact, I have 
taught and have attended classes with splendid teachers and materials, and 
people were STILL rude!  
    Your message brought a neccessary issue to the fore.  
    RUM instructors, or instructors at any SCA class, are volunteers who are 
willing and even often excited to share their knowlege and skill.  Attending 
a class for the personal purpose of showing the instructor and the others in 
the class how much one knows is not acceptable.  If "one" knows more than the 
person teaching, then why hadn't that person volunteered to teach?  Rudely 
interrupting (or even "taking over," which indeed I've seen happen) is 
inexcuseable behavior.  Yet we wonder why so many individuals are now 
reluctant to teach classes!  
    If a person has taken the time and initiative to learn about a subject 
and to perpare to teach a class and then get up in front of a room full of 
people, they should be afforded respect and consideration.  To teach a class 
should not require that the instructor be well versed in assertiveness.  
    It would be additionally regretable if attendees abused the situation of 
the instructor being at a bit of a disadvantage (the bum ankle) to behave in 
a less than "chivalrous" manner.  
    In Service,
    Lady Elissa

Betsy Packard
Shelby County, KY
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