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Sat Oct 2 10:39:59 PDT 1999

At 05:39 PM 10/1/99 , you wrote:
>A good method is to put the oil and herbs in a jar, in a paper bag, and
set the
>whole thing somewhere sunny for a week or longer.  I put my herb/oil
combos on
>the windowsill.

That sounds like a nice way to provide a degree of heat without having
sunlight effect the oils.    (Of course living in Seattle/Madrone it would
have never occurred to me to use the sun to warm something!  :-)  As with
drying herbs, exposing the herbs to sunlight breaks down the essential
oils, but gentle heat is a good thing.   One thing I neglected to mention
is that batches are usually about one pint of oil to one ounce herb.  This
is a good way, for example, to get started on a Comfrey ointment for cuts,
bruises and scrapes.
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