HERB - Herbal oils by Infusion.

Ghia ghia at netherworld.com
Fri Oct 1 17:39:58 PDT 1999

Rauthulfr wrote:

> Essential plant oils can be infused into vegetable oils with relative ease.
>  I prefer almond or olive oils.  With something like Peppermint I would
> bruise the herb first to make it easier for the oils to blend.  Generally
> the herb will be left in the oil for a few days, and after it has been
> exhausted a new bunch of plants is added to the same oil.  Usually the
> container is agitated a couple of times a day to make sure that as much oil
> is extracted as possible.

A good method is to put the oil and herbs in a jar, in a paper bag, and set the
whole thing somewhere sunny for a week or longer.  I put my herb/oil combos on
the windowsill.


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