HERB - OT: Dragon's Blood

Katherine Blackthorne kblackthorne at midtown.net
Mon Oct 4 19:33:13 PDT 1999

I have purchace (loose, powdered) dragon's blood incense, and I have used chunks of
the pure resin.  (Both are burnt over self-igniting charcoal.)

One disadvantage of using the pure resin this way is that if you use too much at
once, it tends to melt.  When it is melted and runny, it is very good at putting out
the charcoal that it's burning on.  The comercial incense did not have that
problem.  It appeared to have flash-powder or somesuch added, because it would
"flash" as it touched the heat source.  It (obviously) did NOT tend to put out the

The comercial stuff I bought came from
Astral Sea Enterprises
PO Box 1558
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

(Gee, a local company.  I didn't know that until I looked at the label!)

I first encountered Dragon's Blood (the red resin from the fruit of the Dragon Palm)
in a Wiccan herb shop.  I have been able to find the resin itself in some herb
shops, in the local Natural Foods Co-op, and in occult shops.  If you do not see it
in your herb shop, ask.  I discovered that although many places do not carry it
(it's rather obscure) they'll gladly order it.

I love the scent it gives -- it reminds me of the incense used in church when I was
a child.

--Katherine Blackthorne
Province of Golden Rivers, Principality of Cynagua, Kingdom of the West

Mike and Pat Luco wrote:

> Does anyone know how Dragon's Blood incense is made, or where you can find bricks
> of the real item?
> Henri
> at the edge of Stargate in Ansteorra
> Renfair was great!!
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