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At 07:33 PM 10/4/99 , you wrote:
>One disadvantage of using the pure resin this way is that if you use too
much at
>once, it tends to melt.  

The might help with that problem.  In my experience the key to using any
pure resin is learning how to powder it in a mortar and pestle, this avoids
the problem with melting and burning.  It also allows blending resins.  My
personal favorite incense is powdered yellow sandalwood (it's essentially
fine sawdust), frankincense, benzoin, and a bit of myrrh.  Sometimes I will
toss in a bit of Dragonsblood resin as well.  Additional resins I will
alter the recipe with are Copal, Red Cedar, and Pine

This is one of those skills which is best developed by overcoming the urge
to try to grind large bits of any resin at one time.  What I have found
works best is to start with just a few grains, 1/4 tsp is not bad to
practice with.  The pestle gets twisted into the gum which breaks it up
into very nice small grains; too much gum will tend to gather and clump
together.  What I've found works best is to give about a half twist as I
grind down.  Yes, it took a lot of practice before I got good at it, but
with a little effort just about any gum will powder pretty well.  I've also
found that storing the gum in the refrigerator helps it powder better in
warm weather.  Cooling the gum brings it closer to a state where it will
shatter rather than stick together.

And yes, I pretty much get this stuff at Tenzing Momo.  

BTW, has anyone had much luck making stick incense?  For the most part I've
managed to make a mess.


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