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On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Rauthulfr wrote:
> This may be a case similar to that of Graines of Paradise, in which the
> same name is applied to multiple spices, but one is inclined to accept
> the word of the OED.

I would suspect you are right! Especially if most of the 'spikenard' sold
in the US is actually American spikenard (certainly the spikenard sold by
Penn herb is the american kind.)
> >A related question: the alchemists knew both spikenard and spike
> lavender.
> >When a recipe calls for "Oyl of Spike" would oil of lavender or oil of
> >spikenard be more appropriate? 
> Spike Lavender is one of the other plants listed in the OED identified as
> spikenard.   My suspicion has always been that Spike used alone tended to
> refer to lavender, while nard alone tended to refer to spikenard.  At
> this point I think I'm no longer sure.

That would be my thought. Would oil of lavender be an appropriate
substitution for oil of spike lavender?

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