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CorwynWdwd@aol.com CorwynWdwd at aol.com
Tue Nov 28 19:39:11 PST 2000

So far everything I've learned about viruses I've learned the hard way. I too 
opened a file from a friend before I knew what it might be, and therefore 
sent a special package to everyone I Emailed after. I also clicked on a link 
once and got my account pirated for my trouble. Before it was over I was 
informed that "I" had sent over 1,000 emails all over the server. Probably 
porn invites.

There are a LOT of people online with nothing better to do with their time 
than annoy the rest of us. I don't blame the list or you Raisya. Stuff 

You might understand why I'm a little paranoid. I suggest we all be so.


In a message dated 11/28/2000 9:44:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
RAISYA at aol.com writes:

> And please, 
>  everyone, don't open suspicious e-mails like that one and NEVER download 
>  anything or click on a hyperlink if you weren't expecting it, even if you 
>  know the person.  Some viruses use the infected system's address book to 
> send out more infected attachments, got one from a friend that way once.
>  Raisya
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