HERB - Re:Wounds and Healing Info.

Gaylin J. Walli gwalli at ptc.com
Fri Sep 1 08:42:00 PDT 2000

Isrith and anyone else,

Anyone the SCA is free to use the information as they wish,
with my consent. No profits from it though. You have to give
it up freely. I'd just like to reiterate my disclaimer, though.
I'm not a medical expert. I strongly recommend that anything
you read from me should be double-checked. No laurel,
no doctorate, no formal training. I'm likely to be wrong.
I'll try my darndest to be right, but I'm human.

I only ask that you please remember to fix the DARNED TYPOS!
There are a couple of them in there besides the ever-embarassing
FIBROBLASTS typo (*blush* again). At least I'm consistent.
I should have edited the damned thing before I sent it.


At 8:29 AM -0700 9/1/00, Nordmarc wrote:
>thank you so much. Would you mind if I shared the information with the local
>herbal guild here in the Barony of Stromgard, Kingdom of An Tir?
>I will of course tell them how this came about, and your name (plus any other
>info that you wish) will be on all copies.
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