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Lynette lklc at prodigy.net
Sun Sep 3 04:43:47 PDT 2000

Hey, Gaylin have you read some of my messages?  Talk about typos,  phew!
Don't worry about it.  I was not trying to play grammar police.  I just
wanted to make sure that you meant fibroblast and not something else.  There
are a lot of similar words in science.  By the way does anyone know what
fibroclast are.  It seems to me there is such a thing but I can't remember
what it is.
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> Isrith and anyone else,
> Anyone the SCA is free to use the information as they wish,
> with my consent. No profits from it though. You have to give
> it up freely. I'd just like to reiterate my disclaimer, though.
> I'm not a medical expert. I strongly recommend that anything
> you read from me should be double-checked. No laurel,
> no doctorate, no formal training. I'm likely to be wrong.
> I'll try my darndest to be right, but I'm human.
> I only ask that you please remember to fix the DARNED TYPOS!
> There are a couple of them in there besides the ever-embarassing
> FIBROBLASTS typo (*blush* again). At least I'm consistent.
> I should have edited the damned thing before I sent it.
> jasmine
> At 8:29 AM -0700 9/1/00, Nordmarc wrote:
> >Jasmine,
> >thank you so much. Would you mind if I shared the information with the
> >herbal guild here in the Barony of Stromgard, Kingdom of An Tir?
> >I will of course tell them how this came about, and your name (plus any
> >info that you wish) will be on all copies.
> >
> >Isrith.
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