HERB - Re: herbalist V1 #515

Sara Bairrington katri4684 at surfree.com
Fri Sep 1 11:18:53 PDT 2000

Small Sugar ants will be killed by the boric acid/powdered sugar mixture. 
You can also mix some of the powdered bullion with it and see if that 
attracts them. I used it on fire ants with the bullion back in Texas and it 
seemed to keep them out of my house anyway.   When treating for ants, don't 
pour it right on top of the mound.  They will treat it like debris. Put it 
out about 4 or 5 feet for the foragers to find.


At 10:15 AM 9/1/00, you wrote:
>Will sugar and borax work on ants the same as
>cockroaches? I'd like to try something besides toxic
>sprays to discourage a major crop of ants. They invade
>the pet feeders, tho they haven't come inside yet.
>They are small black ants, and maybe they wouldn't
>even be interested in sugar, since they find the dog
>and cat food so enticing.

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