HERB -Borax vs Roaches

Sara Bairrington katri4684 at surfree.com
Fri Sep 1 18:56:33 PDT 2000

You use the powdered Boric Acid because it's exactly the same consistency 
with the powdered sugar and mixes perfectly, catching on the roaches'  legs 
so they take it back to their home nests.


At 02:02 PM 9/1/00, you wrote:
>Is the eye wash you purchase a liquid or a powdered?  I bought the liquid, and
>wanted to make sure I had purchased the right stuff.
> > Use half powdered sugar and half Borax the eye wash.  I've used it for
> > years because I'm allergic to the sprays.  When other apartments had
> > roaches in my complex I had none.  I even challenged my apt manager to not
> > spray my place and if I had roaches after she sprayed all around me that
> > I'd pay an extra month's rent and if I didn't she'd let me have a month's
> > free rent. She was so sure I'd loose she did it.  After she saw I had no
> > roaches at all after the other spraying, she fired the exterminator and
> > started giving the residents the borax/sugar mixture with instructions
> > instead.
> >
> > It's safe for pets and children.  Worst it can do is give them gas.  That's
> > how it kills roaches.  They can't burp, they blow up.
> >
> > Use it with no fears for your family or pets.
> >
> > Ulrike
> >
> >

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